The Junkie’s Corner
  • Go to Junkie’s Corner at 10am – 5pm on weekends and spot one pre-loved item similar to one you might have owned before.

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    Junkie’s Corner is a place I happened to discover many years ago by chance. It is truly a material jungle, stacked with a large amount of secondhand, man-made objects—a physical manifestation of our consumer culture.

    About the location:

    Junkie’s Corner is a massive second-hand store hidden in the jungle near Turf City. It was established in 2003 by collectors who have been gathering antique and vintage collectibles for decades. It is a place where you may not only find things you need, but also rummage through objects crossing the centuries, reminding you of the passage of time. According to the Urban Redevelopment Authority, Phase 2 of the Cross Island Line will be sited at Turf City. Since 2019, tenants have been reminded of the need to vacate the site due to future development plans. Soon we may not find Junkie’s Corner in such a setting anymore.

    Kindly proceed with caution and exercise personal responsibility when engaging in the instructions from “Process: Roving Ideas”. All experiences are self-guided and we are not responsible or liable for loss or injury arising from these activities.