The view from the tallest point in Ang Mo Kio
  • Go to the 34th floor of 455A Teck Ghee Park View at night and look at the view.

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    I live in Ang Mo Kio. At night, I often look out of my window and I see the neighbouring HDB blocks, often hearing people talk, laugh, fight, shout and the cars and motorcycles roaring past these blocks. I’ve been trying to find the tallest and furthest accessible point from the ground to look at some form of scenery that is lacking from where I live.

    About the location:

    455A Teck Ghee Park View is one of the tallest HDB blocks in Ang Mo Kio. It was built in 2017 and it has 34 floors. It is also one of the tallest accessible places to go to in Ang Mo Kio. Of all the blocks in Teck Ghee Park View, I believe that 455A has the best unblocked views. However, it might seem a bit bizarre standing in the corridors of the units where people live but at night, it can be quite comforting because it is fairly quiet and the weather isn’t too hot.

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