99 Loops
  • Go to South Buona Vista Road at 8.30am and experience the sights and sounds of the ‘99 bends’ and its surroundings.

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    I chose this place because of its outstanding winding road around Pasir Panjang Hill, leading down towards the residential estate at Jalan Mat Jambol. This unique downslope, which is also my route home, is known colloquially as gao zhup gao wan (‘99 bends’ in Hokkien). The area is one of nature’s stepping stones for migratory birds, and is a place where one can be intimate with nature.

    About the location:

    Winding through the slopes of Kent Ridge Park, South Buona Vista Road is flanked by secondary forest as well as planted roadside trees. The notorious hairpin curves link Dover to Pasir Panjang Road. As the name suggests in Italian, the descending slopes of South Buona Vista Road used to offer drivers stunning elevated sea views. Constructed before World War II, the ridges were the site of the famous battle of Pasir Panjang, which took place in February 1942 between the invading Japanese forces and the Malay Regiment, led by Lt. Adnan. (Adapted from here)

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