Print Green
  • Go to the housing construction project nearest to your home at any time and take a photo of the greenery depicted in the artist’s impression of the planned building(s); share it on Instagram with the hashtag #printgreensg.

  • Significance:

    The instruction attempts to draw our awareness towards the need to participate in a ‘green narrative’, while navigating the demand for new housing projects to support the growing population. It invites the public to participate in data collection through social media, generating conversations about our relationships with our built environment.

    About the location:

    In 2022, it was announced that Singapore is moving towards becoming a ‘City in Nature’ as a key pillar of Singapore’s Green Plan 2030. Simultaneously, a number of construction projects in Singapore drew attention due to concerns regarding environmental conservation. Everywhere, we see construction sites surrounded with metal panels that illustrate pixelated trees, while stretches of hoarding are camouflaged with vinyl stickers depicting photographs of greenery. The intersection of urbanisation and green capital results in an ambiguity in Singapore’s ‘natural’ environment. This instruction looks at how this ambiguity manifests in public housing projects, which must integrate pockets of nature into their spatial design.

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