Sincerity (诚心)
  • Go to Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple at 6.15pm and observe the people at the spot in between the HDB and the temple till 7pm.

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    I grew up praying at this temple. Before I enrolled in art school, I sought a divination lot here which advised that “constant grinding turns an iron rod into a needle”. It was also my place of refuge during my school suspension. I made frequent visits and met people here who gave me great perspective and enlightenment during a difficult time.

    About the location:

    This is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Singapore, having existed at its present location since 1884. The current building was opened in 1982 following an extensive expansion. It is a popular place of worship for devotees of Guan Yin, the Chinese goddess of mercy. For the Singapore Biennale 2006, artistic director Fumio Nanjo selected the temple as a site to display artworks by Xu Bing, Tsai Charwei, Hiroshi Sugimoto, and Santiago Cucullu. It was meant to showcase Singapore as a multireligious, multicultural society and to reflect the role of architecture in the construction of beliefs.

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