• Go to the upper concourse area between the doors of Esplanade Concert Hall at 3.10 pm on the first Sunday of the month and observe the movement of people in the space after a beautiful performance.

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    I spent a huge part of my youth performing, especially at Esplanade. We loved being backstage, going to the different dressing rooms and running around. We had our meals at the Green Room (the backstage lounge) alongside the crew and ushers. Back then, I noticed that if we looked up from there, we could see members of the public at the upper concourse.

    About the location:

    “Beautiful Sunday” is a long-running public concert series at Esplanade since 2003, showcasing homegrown amateur and professional musical groups in the Concert Hall. Esplanade is “an arts centre for everyone”, and you can see this in the crowds after these concerts. At the upper concourse are friends, families, and even people who just watched their first concert, alongside fans of the music who return monthly for the performances. Streaming down the backstage stairs are the performers, who might be professional musicians, students, or even someone with a day job who just loves playing music.

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