How to create a public sculpture
  • Go to your nearest supermarket at the next time you need some groceries and stack 3 pieces of your favourite fruit.

  • Significance:

    In my practice, I enjoy mixing my living and working spaces. In doing so, objects from my everyday life often come into play in the assemblages that I create. For me, inspiration is often born out of necessity. By activating what is convenient and pairing that with a simple gesture, the work proposes that we are able to transform something ordinary into something whimsical.

    About the location:

    The supermarket is a natural public gathering place. While the work focuses on an action that can be executed alongside a task-oriented grocery run, this action also transforms the mundane everyday site of the supermarket into the site of a happening. By disrupting the banal scenes to which we are accustomed at the supermarket, visitors on site inadvertently participate as viewers of this ‘public sculpture’. The sculpture becomes a durational artwork that lasts long as the three pieces of fruit remain stacked.

    Kindly proceed with caution and exercise personal responsibility when engaging in the instructions from “Process: Roving Ideas”. All experiences are self-guided and we are not responsible or liable for loss or injury arising from these activities.